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Powerful Workplace and MINIAUDIT

Powerful Workplace is a place where people know, want and can perform their best. It is premium brand organization with very effective employees and satisfied clients, also organization believing in business ethics and decency to clients, employees, suppliers and the community in which it operates.

POWERFUL WORKPLACE is a set of tools and measures for the evaluation and development of the culture of an organization's environment, which simultaneously allows to achieve high performance of employees and their satisfaction. Part of this development program is also promotion of powerful workplaces within and outside the organization.

MINIAUDIT serves to evaluate the power of the workplace, it is a tool that evaluates selected areas of the organization, it has a direct connection with the work performance of employees. Evaluation is performed by staff through a short questionnaire that can identify areas and departments of the company that most hinders its economic performance.


  • measures and develops a culture of performance and employee satisfaction
  • on the basis of benchmarking finds the strengths and the weaknesses of the organization and specific workplaces, formulates development recommendations and implements them only there, where it is needed
  • offers verified approach to the organization's management and tool for monitoring of its long-term development
  • identifies and promotes organizations that are strong workplace